Blood Legion Recruitment

Current Needs

Death Knight Death Knight Blood Frost Unholy
Druid Druid Balance Feral Restoration
Hunter Hunter Beast Mastery Marksmanship Survival
Mage Mage Arcane Fire Frost
Monk Monk Brewmaster Mistweaver Windwalker
Paladin Paladin Holy Protection Retribution
Priest Priest Discipline Holy Shadow
Rogue Rogue Assassination Combat Subtlety
Shaman Shaman Elemental Enhancement Restoration
Warlock Warlock Affliction Demonology Destruction
Warrior Warrior Arms Fury Protection

Always recruiting exceptional players!

Last updated 1 day ago

Thank you for your interest in applying to Blood Legion. We hope you find our recruitment system intuitive and easy to use.

Blood Legion is currently looking for a Hunter, Death Knight, and skilled healer (emphasis on Priest) that is versed in multiple healing classes! Please apply as soon as possible to be included in Warlords of Draenor Beta testing.

If you would like to know more, please read our Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to Join the Legion?

Our best members are passionate about their classes and roles. They are constantly looking for ways to improve, take constructive criticism objectively, and always consider the guild's priorities over their own personal glory. They are prepared to adapt to random situations they may encounter and have no issues with being aware of their surroundings. If you think you have the talent and attitude to belong in a stable progression-focused guild, we would love to see an application from you.

We are looking to recruit players with the following exceptional attributes: raiding experience, guild history, commitment to quality and improving themselves, willingness to raid long hours, and up to date gear, enchants, gems, and raiding professions.